First Look 2018 Submissions & Selections

About First Look Selections

First Look is an industry showcase of selected works by Media Arts students. We invite media professionals to a screening at a theatrical venue in Nashville along with our students, faculty, and their guests. The event includes a display of student photography, an exhibit of student-produced Interactive Media projects, and a one-hour screening of student films and videos.

The screening of films and videos is limited to about one hour to make it work for busy professionals. The goal is to create interest in Media Arts students and their work. The one-hour time frame limits what can be included, so very few films can be shown in their entirety. Selections are made based upon what will deliver the most compelling screening to the professional guests. A Vimeo site will set for items accepted for inclusion in the screening, and this site will include full-length submissions whenever possible.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 5:00pm Friday, April 27, 2018

THE BIG EVENT: The screening will take place at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. Date and time will be announced soon.

ELIGIBILITY: Submissions must be the work of Media Arts students and produced after the Spring 2016 semester. Examples include class projects, personal projects, film festival projects, freelance work, etc.

PHOTOGRAPHY SUBMISSIONS: Submit to professor Jonathan Trundle.

NEW MEDIA SUBMISSIONS: Submit to Dr. Steph Dean.

ANIMATION SUBMISSIONS: Submit to Professor Kevin McNulty.


DELIVERY: Put video and film submissions in the FIRST LOOK dropbox on the RATV server. Each submission must be accompanied by a FIRST LOOK Submission Information Form.

  • Navigate to the Production Server (RATV.MTSU.EDU) by using the following steps:
  • On a Mac, either join the MTSU Wifi or use an Media Arts Lab computer, launch Finder (Bottom left corner on a Mac Dock) and in the Menu Bar, select “Go”, then “Connect to Server…”
  • Type the server name “RATV.MTSU.EDU” then click Connect.
  • Login as Guest
  • Select the folder named “FIRST LOOK 2018”, then click OK.
  • This will mount the shared drive, and inside you will see a folder named “SUBMIT FILES HERE” You can drag and drop your submitted projects into this folder for review..
  • For help with access contact

QUALITY: Submit all work best quality, uncompressed such as Apple Pro-Res for Mac work or .avi files for PC work. If you don’t yet have an uncompressed version, or if there is some work yet to be done on the piece before the April 27 deadline, submit what you have, and mention that another version is yet to come on the “Other notes” section of the FIRST LOOK Submission Information Form.

LENGTH: Submissions should be under 3 minutes for consideration for the screening. Longer films should be cut down by filmmaker.

INFO FORM: Each film and video submission must be accompanied by a completed FIRST LOOK Submission Information Form. Please post the form on the server along with the film. Use the same file name for the FIRST LOOK Submission Information Form as you did for the piece of media.

FILENAMES: Include your name in the file name of the film. Version number and date are also recommended.
Example: Star Wars_George Lucas_3_17-03-01.MOV (the film)
Star Wars_George Lucas_3_17-03-01.DOC (The information form)

MUSIC: All music must be cleared, public domain, or original.